valuable and sustainable relationships with businesses

The Edinburgh-Stanford Link aims to build valuable and sustainable relationships with businesses and investors.

In addition to Link-funded projects, we provide access to all human communication interaction (HCI) technologies being researched at the University of Edinburgh, the largest and highest rated computer research university in the UK.

We work with companies in several ways:

    • We provide partner companies and organisations early information on world-beating technological advances in language and HCI technologies. This kind of access is normally the reserve of global corporations with large internal research departments.
    • We can help companies understand the impact of key technologies, on both a micro and macro market level, and assist in the development of innovation and R&D strategies for specific sectors. This also includes help identifying which of several new initiatives might be used to help subsidise research costs.
    • We make it easy to engage world-class researchers, post-graduates and students skilled in the latest communications technologies. Again, such access is normally the reserve of global corporations.
    • We help start-ups and growing companies punch above their weight around the world by being seen to be working with the best research centres in the world. We also actively promote our partners at conferences and talks, especially in Silicon Valley, helping to raise their profile and business development opportunities.
      • We also have excellent contacts within the local and international investment community, and can offer strategic advice on fundraising strategies.


    • And finally, we run networking and Master Class events that enable you to discuss issues with your peers and meet some of the most successful entrepreneurs and investors from Silicon Valley.

We believe that working as a team is important, and its worth noting that the Link benefits enormously from working with you – from the input and direction that your business can deliver. This enables us to keep the Link relevant and up-to-date.

By working with the Link, your company can help inform and direct the research being carried out at Edinburgh and Stanford, and make sure our research, prototypes and demonstrations remain cutting edge and relevant.

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