Language Technology

Language Technology

Language technology refers to a very broad range of human computer interaction (HCI) technologies that have been developed over the last 20 years to enable people to more easily and naturally communicate with computers, through speech, text or gesture, and when called for, receive an intelligent and natural reply in much the same way as a person might respond.

Imagine being able to talk to your home and it actually responds intelligently to what you have said…

Or asking your car to read out a summary of a long email from your boss while you drive…

Or, a search engine that actually understands what you’re looking for… that searches documents by their meaning rather than keywords… and then tells you the answer to your question.

These scenarios are not fantasy – the technology to make this happen today is already a reality in our research labs.

These descriptions are not the future – the technology is already here! Over the past 20 years, leading research scientists around the world have created a range of technologies which, when combined, can produce startling results.